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Signature Package

The Signature Package Comes With...

  • 18 lbs of Belgian chocolate of your choice- You can choose more than one(milk, white, or dark)
  • Attendant who will come early to set up, stay the entire event to maintain the fountains, then take down and clean the fountains
  • Unlimited forked wooden skewers
  • Unlimited white napkins
  • Three hours of running time
  • Clear plastic tablecloth to protect your linens

Benefits of the Signature Package

  1. You can use more than one type of chocolate to cater to guests with different tastes, and add variety to the food at your event
  2. You can choose other fondue flavors to complement your desserts such as Carmel, or you could have 1 or 2 chocolate fountains and 1 or 2 other fountains like BBQ sauce or ranch dressing
  3. By having more than one chocolate fountain you can reduce the time your guests have to wait in line for food by putting the fountains at different tables, or spreading the fountains farther apart.

Signature Favorite Fondue Combinations

  1. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate
  2. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, carmel
  3. Milk chocolate, milk chocolate, carmel
  4. Milk chocolate, ranch dressing, BBQ sauce




















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